[Wolves] laptop suitable for SuSE Linux

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 20:51:58 BST 2005

--- Mo Awkati <mawkati at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi
> I am hoping to get myself a laptop so I can keep in
> touch with mailing lists while I am away!!!
> I am thinking of a Toshiba or a Sony, anyone with
> experience of using Linux on them?? The SuSE
> hardware
> database only lists a handful IBM Thinkpads. It
> doesn't have to be SuSE I am happy to install
> another distro.

In my limited experience of installing Linux on
laptops, avoid 'high-street' brands. That is, buy from
a well respected international name. All of the brands
mentioned so far are likely to be decent buys (HP,
Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Dell etc).

Cheaper laptops from people such as Tiny, Time (yes I
know they went bust) and similar smaller,
non-international retailers are commonly cheaper but
less robust and have poorer after sales support.

In my case, I bought a Tiny laptop as it was the best
deal I could find at the time and comparatively it was
cheap. I sent it back 3 times for repair and spent the
difference between a better make and spec laptop and
my own on the repairs. I also couldn't get them to
tell me what parts were in it. This meant I had to
wait for mainstream distribution driver support for
the things that I couldn't identify myself using lshw
and lspci and I couldn't find out my monitor settings
which meant I couldn't run X on Debian (admittedly no
longer a problem with these 'modern hardware
detecting' distros ;)

Just my 2p for everyone considering a laptop in the
near future.

Rant about above at http://blog.drinky.org.uk/?p=3





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