[Wolves] is the lug dead?

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Wed Oct 12 09:04:15 BST 2005

> What I want is one of those "Speak to a Technician" things.
> For them (the user) it would be a one-2-one screen but my end maybee max three
> conversations.
> I'd need it to be my-website-based none of this yahoo, msn stuff (We've banned
> all of that anyway) there has got to be a Joomla module but I dont know which
> one to pick.

I have a bit of code which puts a "talk to someone" box on your
website. It allows as many people as need to to use it,
simultaneously. What it actually does is lets them talk to you over
IRC, under the covers; you simply log into a specific IRC server and
wait for messages, and the system gateways their entries into the web
form to you on IRC, and then gateways your IRC replies back to the web
form. You can use Gaim to log into the IRC channel, or any IRC client
of your choice. The code's not been hugely tested thus far, but i'm
happy to release if you want to play with it.


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