[Wolves] Ubuntu failed! I don't believe it!

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 10:23:50 BST 2005

--- Bobby Singh <bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello,
> > Have you firstly tried just typing in startx at
> the
> > prompt?  That's
> > what I had to do with Zenwalk to get to a GUI.  I
> > then (thanks to
> > James) edited the initab (or is spelled inittab
> with
> > two t's?) so that
> > the run level was set for 4.  Viola! GUI again.
> I have tried the startx and don't work, complains
> about x server again.  But how do you do the initab
> stuff.  Do you type in a command then 'cat' edit it,
> then how do you save it etc etc.

If you can't startx then the inittab stuff won't help
you a bit because the problem is with your x server.

You mentioned before that you wanted to know how to
save your work, it's still there, just you'll have to
locate it using the command line.

cd /home/bobby

You need to find out the problem by reading the log
file for your x server, it should be in /var/log/
somewhere (I can't check right now).

sudo less /var/log/<xlogfilename>

Will allow you to thumb through the X log file looking
for lines that begin with (EE).

sudo tail /var/log/<logfilename>

Will print out the last few lines (10 by default) of
the log file which is the bit where it tells you why
it couldn't start.

As a side note, all of the system logs are kept in
/var/log and you should check them when the system
doesn't behave as you expect. You should probably
check them now and again anyway. cd to that directory
and type ls for a list of all of the logs in there so
you know what is being logged and then use either cat
to blast all of the log file out at once, ie it
scrolls off the screen if it's too long, use less if
you want to start at the top of a file and move down
through it a bit at a time using the up and down arrow
keys (q to quit), or tail which will display the last
10 lines.

cd /var/log
less /var/log/messages
cat /var/log/messages
tail /var/log/messages
tail -20 /var/log/messages
tail -f /var/log/messages

-20 means the last 20 lines. -f means keep outputting
the last 10 lines of the log so you can see changes.
CTRL-c to exit.

You could mail the x logfile to yourself so that you
can then email it to the list if you can't work it out

mail you at youraddress.com -s "x log file" <

Thats the mail command, the recipient address, -s
means that the next thing that follows is the subject
line (anything other than a single word with normal
characters needs to be surrounded by double quotes).
The < bit sends what follows into the command, that is
we are putting the x log file into the email body.

Come back with the errors from your log file - the
(EE) bits and the last part where it tells you the
problem, not the whole thing. It might also help if
you said what your graphics card was.

Meant to mail this yesterday but I was having a major
problem myself.





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