[Wolves] Linux Server

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 17:11:29 BST 2005


I would like ot either turn and old but good spec pc
into a server or build one from scratch. My questions

1. Can I use a distro like SuSE on the server? and
perhaps use Squid and squidguard combination, I
suspect samba will feature somewhere?

2. Is it possible to network a 3 or 4 pcs to the
server: two are runing windows, one running linux
(mine :-)), one dual booting linux and XP?

3. Is possible to install antivirus software that will
scan for windows viruses on all traffic and not just
email but running on the linux server, I think Clamav
might do it but I get the impression that it is mainly
for mail servers?

4. What about a firewall, Smoothwall seems to want its
own hard drive! ?



PS: I googled but didn't seem to get the answers I
wanted for the above.

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