[Wolves] Scumbags Hack Xoops site

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Oct 21 09:27:00 BST 2005


> Them days are going going gone. true there are still some juicy consultancy 
> jobs around but remember my favourite (needs to be said in a strangled voice) 
> "Oh na mate I can get it cheaper on ebay" these days everyone's a web expert 
> or MS expert, plug and play has killed us all so has the ubiquitous wizard.

No; this is not true. Take for example the Oxfam website; as far as I am 
aware this is powered by Plone - however it looks and appears to behave 
nothing like plone - someone quite skilled has therefore adapted 
plone/zope to fit someone elses requirements.

>>It's an application written in a client server style using an SQL
>>database.  The problem comes that what looks like a content oriented
>>management tool to you looks like a pile of wet shite held together with
>>selotape to a developer and a playground with free beer, crack cocaine
>>and whores to a cracker.
> But you're not the one using it! it'll be Mr business owner who see the dollar 
> as the bottom line, why pay Mr S Parkes £1000.00 to make us a site when that 
> Joomla thing is free plus it must be good it won an award didn't it? and 
> Betty the tea lady can look after it.

Because Mr S Parkes hopefully knows how to customise, enhance and 
support the site - just because the software is free, doesn't mean that 
money shouldn't be spent on the project overall. I'm sure that licensing 
costs for proprietary software projects are a fraction of the overall cost.


>>followed by the problem and the fix.
> I bet you get lots of them :P

Yes, a member of birmingham city council came out with a corker last 
night at SBLug, saying _something along the lines of_ :

"I don't like RedCarpet as it's always downloading patches and updates; 
that's the Microsoft way we're trying to get away from."

Needless to say I wasn't particulary impressed.


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