[Wolves] A small leap for me and a long wait too.

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Sun Oct 23 19:31:49 BST 2005

Stuart Langridge wrote:

>WTF is the "remote trigger"? Is it for a bomb? :)
Only if you wire it up wrong - it lets you use more than one power 
supply in a pc - one psu triggers when the other one is switched on. 
It's really useful if you've got somebody with a shuttle case with a 
260watt PSU in it, and they want to add something like anNVidia FX6800, 
which uses 235watts at peak. You can shoe-horn a separate psu inside to 
work all the fans, HDD, DVD-RW, etc... Just make sure the two power 
supplies never cross, or the potential difference might make it go boom 
after a while :)


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