[Wolves] Success?

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Sep 1 12:31:43 BST 2005

> As a side note, after all of the discussion about an
> extra meeting per month for people that can't or don't
> feel inclined to attend the regular Wednesday
> meetings, nobody has actually said that they'd be
> willing to attend (with the possible exception of
> Peter Cannon, I can't remember). Is this because
> nobody would come or simply a case of apathy and if we
> actually organise one, people will come? My
> presentation would be largely redundant to the regular
> attendees ie preaching to the converted and those that
> already know everything I would be talking about. (Not
> that I've started writing it yet.)
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Indeed, many of the suggestions I put on the wiki would be redundant for 
perhaps half of the room, while half might (perhaps) benefit.



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