[Wolves] Success?

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Sep 1 17:05:28 BST 2005

chris procter wrote:
>>>As it was my first wolveslug meet I cant compare
> it to
>>>the standard (meeting or resturant) but some
>>You said you had been before?
> No, I went to lugradio live, and have met various
> people in other places, I sometimes go to SBLUG and
> went to OXLUG meetings once or twice, but that was my
> first wolves one, only about 3 years after joining the
> mailing list.
>>People bitched about introductions so thats why I
>>think it was dropped.

Chris - as you appear to be an "outgoing type", perhaps you should have 
taken the intiative and stood up, introduced yourself and then asked 
everyone else to say who they were :)


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