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David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Sep 2 06:31:07 BST 2005

James Turner wrote :
> On Tuesday 30 Aug 2005 17:45, roundyz wrote:
> > me and my mate have setup a halo 2 clan with a website.
> > i have designed a form for potential clan members to join.
> > How do I get the form to be emailed to a certain addy. As I don't have
> > control over the server???
> >
> > do I just use this in the header?
> >
> > <form action="mailto:whereeve at wherever.com" action="post">
> Nope... It is not possible to mail the data directly from the form, only to 
> pass it via a HTTP request to a script/program that will then do the mailing 
> for you. Perl, PHP, Python, etc, are all suitable for implementing such a 
> script.
I think you can do the above, but it results in a "Send email" window
appearing in $chosen_mail_client launched from the web browser. It's not
particularly elegant, but does work .

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