[Wolves] swapshop!

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Sep 2 22:17:42 BST 2005

After appearing on swapshop, well not really but it was the same name,
in the town, of the same age and it was scalectric for anything so it
could have been me and I couldn't pursude everyone at school on monday
it wasn't me even the ones who wanted to swap my scaletric for some
pretty cool stuff, anyway after the pointless aside I would like to swap
one interesting computer system for a boring average one please.

I have a need of an ordinary intel type pc that I can duel boot
linux/windows.  Not only have I not used windows for several years I
also gave my last intel box away to a local family a couple of years
back.  Jennie's machine is normally in use by either her or Tom so I
can't get access to that.  What I am looking for is around a PIII 600 or
better as that was the spec of the last pc I had and it was good enough ;-)

What I am offering is a piece of future LUG history.  The alpha server
that Peter Cannon gave me a while back.  It hasn't done a lot over the
last few months (in fact it hasn't been powered up for about 6 months)
but is a very nice system for someone looking past the intel thing for
the first time.  It's big, it's ugly and it would have cost it's first
user somewhere between a 'left testicle' and 'an arm and a leg'
depending on the deal their reseller got them.  It's yours for the price
of a PC of the spec normally given away on this list.

Plus I don't get to donate both of my testicles to the 'I told you not
to bring any more computers into this house unless you get rid of one
first' clause in my relationship with Jennie.

So if you have a machine of this spec and it's looking for a new home or
if you are desperate to get your hands on a large blue/grey box with
64bits of alpha goodness drop me a line and we can arrange a swap.

Cheers guys and gals

PS, has anyone got a spare monitor, I've gone from giving them away to
not having a single working crt in the house.  The 17" jobbie jennie
placed on my desk when she nicked my lcd died this weekend and I am
wishing I kept the Compaq fellow I gave away just a few weeks ago.

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