[Wolves] Give Away

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 18:34:19 BST 2005

I have a lot of stuff lying around and it's got to go.
Most of it was given to me and anyone here is welcome
to it if they want it.

1 x 17" Monitor
2 x 14" monitors (1 needs separate vga cable)
1 x 15" touch screen monitor (needs separate vga
1 x 250MB parallel port Iomega Zip drive, no disks,
power supply, comes with parallel cable.
Many ISA sound cards, various types
Many ATI PCI graphics cards
Quite a few 10/100MB network cards, mostly D-Link
(works under Linux)
Some 10MB 3Com ISA network cards
1 x 10MB 24 port network hub
2 x old style AT PC cases (with PSU) and possibly
motherboards etc if you ask nicely
Quite a few keyboards - mostly old AT style PS/2
Quite a few mice - mostly serial, 2 button ball mice,
nothing fancy.

Various old PCs:

2 x 486SX laptops - (black and white, 4MB RAM!) 1 may
have bad disk, other only works on power supply. Got
these as a fixer upper project but never gotten around
to it.
50MHz 486SX known working (got Win95 on it)
75MHz - should work
100MHz - worked last time I turned it on
120MHz worked last time I used it
About 3 x 133MHz to 200MHz - could do with fixing up.

Various spares are available for people willing to fix
some of these up. I have various spare CPUs (old
200MHz P1s mostly, RAM (SIMMs in small denominations,
4 -16MB probably), kettle leads and various other bits
and pieces, you can only ask.

Can appreciate that not many people might want them so
suggestions for disposal required. 

First come first served, collection preferred.
Anything left over will go on Free Cycle.

Please help me get rid of it :)





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