[Wolves] List - big bash

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Sep 9 12:29:56 BST 2005

Wolves LUG (Operation Attract New People)  Wed 14th Sep 2005 - 7.30pm
Spice Avenue, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton  feat. MC Ron and

Lets make this one a big 'un. All of those who have never come along to
a meeting - this is your chance. :)

Warriors (Go's):

1. Jono
2. matt (roundyz with camera for filming) (will around 8 ish)(second
3. Aq
4. Dave Morley
5. Luke Redpath (first time)
6. Splineboy (not dead)
7. Ron (I suppose I had better be there...)

Fighters (Late Go's):

Infidels (No Go's)
1. sparkes - viva los infidels!


"Batistuta gets most of his goals with the ball"
Ian St John

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