[Wolves] Anyone a citizen of loverly?

roundyz roundyz at hotpop.com
Sun Sep 11 15:03:24 BST 2005

On Sunday 11 Sep 2005 14:32, Stephen Parkes wrote:
> nope neither are appropriate for Iraq.  the resistance against the new
> government is not anarchic as they wish to replace one form of control
> for another.
> There is no Anarchism in Iraq the only vagely anarchic groups in the
> whole of the middle east have been kibbutz's but as most of them are
> based along religious lines (a form of coercive control and authority as
> described in number 3) the majority of these aren't anarchic either.

To be honest, I havn't heard much about Iraq recently. But last time I heard 
on the news (a while back), there were lots of people opposing to the 
government and it was an terrible mess. 
Whats it like there now?


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