[Wolves] [Fwd: Welcome to The Gizmo Project]

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 23:51:43 BST 2005

Ron Wellsted wrote:

>Andy Wootton wrote:
>>Ron's talk inspired me to sign up for Gizmo (from my daughter's Mac.)
>>I'm going to install the Debian alpha onto Ubuntu in a minute. Basic
>>functions are reported to work well under Hoary.
>If you find the client too flaky, give linphone a try
Thanks Ron. I've bookmarked Linphone but does it require a static IP 
address for direct connection or can we communicate via Gizmo's 

I guess you've tried Gizmo then! My daughter and I installed it on OS X 
and Ubuntu respectively and both tried to call each other in turn. I 
always get diverted to voice mail which she hasn't set up yet. She is 
told I don't exist.

Is 'Bonjour' the (intra-network only) mojo that Aq was looking for last 
night? I've just read a thread about it stopping a network though, so 
take care. Michael Robertson joined in the conversation as 'mykill' to 
reassure people and stick the knife into Skype. I like that guy!

We're running Skype for now but I'll be keeping an ear open for Gizmo 
stabilising on Linux.


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