[Wolves] Anyone use Exim and Spamassasin

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Sep 16 19:56:38 BST 2005

Wayne Morris wrote :
> Is it easy to add spamassasin to Exim?
> Does it kill any 'real' mail?

Personally I use Postfix everywhere. But, I'm sure it's possible to use
SpamAssassin with Exim (google will reveal all you know!)

There is always a chance of SpamAssassin tagging real mail as Spam -
It's normally a good idea to keep training it with known ham and known
spam (if possible). As an example, here (at work), sa-learn runs
nightly on all of our internal mail which is filed in a "customer"
folder (so must therefore be ham).

Whether you "kill" the mail or just mark it as Spam is entirely up to
you. If you wish to "kill" (delete/drop) Spam then see
http://david.codepoets.co.uk/docs for an example (using Postfix again).

Normally it's a very good idea to get Spam sent to a SPAM folder which
you check once in a blue moon.

(I know some people create false email accounts to attact spam, and feed
this into sa-learn --spam).

Have fun,

David Goodwin
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