[Wolves] Re: PC bits.

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Mon Sep 19 12:12:19 BST 2005

>From various odds and sods I have collected in the past, and depending on where you are, geographically, Nomad computers up in cheslin hay might be a good place to get some bits. If you ask for monkeyspline sailorboy, he might guide you to their latest  bargains. I'm surprised he hasn't said anything hiself but of course he's very modest.  If you are stuck in Wolves, then get a price list from PC2000 on worcester st. The Chinese Guy there is friendly, and hasn't done me a wrong'un yet. 

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Subject: [Wolves] PC bits
To: wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
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Hi folks,
Well the time is upon me when I spec and buy a new PC. The newest of the two
desktops is 4 years old now. I never buy the latest and greatest as, imho, it's
a waste of money as things change too quickly. What I'd like to know is 
which online or offline shop is good in terms of price and service? I'm
speccing a mostly complete PC so everything from mobo and out.

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