[Wolves] paying for website design.

Luke Redpath luke at birmingham.lastfield.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 16:24:12 BST 2005

A basic website, 10 static pages, design work...shouldn't be more than
1-2 days work, depending on how long it takes to come to a decent
design. That's the design, coding of the template, creating each page
with provided content and linking it all together, uploading, testing

My company's hourly rate is £59.50 per hour + VAT, which is about
average, nationally, so £952 + VAT tops.

Of course, a freelancer would be cheaper, but I'd still expect an
experienced freelancer to charge around the £30 per hour mark.


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If i was to buy a package for a website with a domain name for a year. a
site that was designed for me without online shopping of about 10
pages...how much would I be looking at price wise?


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