[Wolves] Linux Virtual machines

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Sep 22 15:35:45 BST 2005

David Morley wrote:
>>User Mode Linux used to be the one but looks abandoned
>>since 2002/kernel 2.4.x or so. Is Xen the new
>>From what I understand from linux format xen is 'the' virtual machine
> how good it is or works no idea but it sounds like that's what your
> after.

I don't think UML is quite dead yet, as I think there was a presentation 
for it at UKUUG. Xen certainly is better in many respects (performance, 
security etc).

If you want an easy to setup emulator, I'd suggest QEMU which is 
effectively equivalent to VMWare (but not quite as pretty).

I've not setup Xen myself, but it took someone else here (at work) a day 
or so to do it (i think).


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