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> Hello,
> Is anyone using Open Solaris on the list?
> What can you tell me about in terms of default packaged software,
> package management, hardware support etc?
> What are you using it for?
> I'm interested in learning some more about it
> Thanks

I use it a lot at home at its gets a bit of working to how I like it
anyway. There is no real working compiler installed by default, which is
fun and other than that it’s a basic gnome desktop (java desktop rather)
and nothing else. 

Hardware worked fine with my abit m-board with skt-754 opteron, though I
think hardware support is still flakey for most machines machines,
though I think drivers are getting more common for other hardware, the
hardware compatibility site is really useful there (on suns site,

Package management from what I've noticed there isn't, though as I say I
prefer to compile from source anyway so I haven't dug into it too much.

I use it as well im a sun fan, sorry but I am, and it does what I want
it to do so I cant complain.



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