[Wolves] usenet server

roundyz roundyz at hotpop.com
Tue Sep 27 20:35:36 BST 2005

On Tuesday 27 Sep 2005 20:26, Simon Morris wrote:
> On 27/09/05, roundyz <roundyz at hotpop.com> wrote:
> > cheers mate, will give it a go.
> Is this just for testing/jollies? Or do you intend to pull NNTP posts
> from another usenet server?
> You may need to find a server who will push/pull feeds to you.

It's for testing for now, I only plan to pull locally from 1 group, because my 
isp holds the post for only a day or so. So i set aside a 120GB disk to hold 
it out for a few days. and download locally from that.

I know i'm gonna need to mirror a server. (weather thats called pulling i 
don't know). If it works then i'm sticking with it.

do you have any advise ?

Matthew Round 


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