[Wolves] 8MB Broad Band

David Goodwin gingerdog at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 16:46:03 BST 2006

> 8Mb seems like a good marketing trick to me - A lot of offices with 100
> staff don't touch 2Mbps during peak hours.

I agree. Usage caps, and crap upload speed make it a bit of a con.

> Plus - who at home needs that kind of speed? Unless you are shifting a
> *huge* amount of copyrighted content (movies etc) or you are a distro
> fiend who installs new Linux versions every night of the week.

Well, perhaps such speeds will make technologies like video on demand
possible, but I guess QoS is really required first. Perhaps it'll lead
to something more bandwidth greedy - like widespread 'vidcasts', or
just faster downloads.

David Goodwin

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