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Hello everyone.  I am forwarding a copy of the Free Software Foundation
Europe's newsletter just to let everyone know what's happening in the
"big, European political software stuff" picture.  Please find it below.

Additionally, Ciarán O'Riordan and Gareth Bowker of the FSFE will be
giving a talk each at the BCS this Friday, 7th April, in London, from
6:30pm until 8ish.

Ciarán will give a talk about Free Software and threats such as Software
Patents and Gareth will be talking about digital freedom and the threats
posed by technologies such as DRM.

More information, such as venue information, can be found at

== FSFE Newsletter ==

1. Happy birthday FSFE
2. Pablo Machón and Xavier Reina join the FSFE core team
3. GPLv3 conference in Torino
4. gnuvox, the voice of Free Software in Italy
5. Official FSFE statement on patent system in Europe
6. Fellowship of FSFE participates to LUGConference 2006
7. Karsten Gerloff at TACD

1. Happy birthday FSFE

On 10 March 2001, the Free Software Foundation Europe has started its
work. A lot of successful work was done in these five years. The FSFE
has not only become Europe's major stakeholder for Free Software on
national, European and UN level, it has also managed to build up a large
virtual community for freedom in the digital age with the Fellowship.


2. Pablo Machón and Xavier Reina join the FSFE core team

The Free Software Foundation Europe continues to expand its capacity
as well as its geographic presence: Pablo Machón and Xavier Reina joined
the FSFE core team. Both have been contributing precious work for years,
and they are committed to increasing the FSFE's activities in Spain.

3. GPLv3 conference in Torino

The FSFE organized a conference in Torino where Richard Stallman talked
about the future of Free Software and the changes in the upcoming
version 3 of the GNU General Public License. The event was well
received, with big success of public, thanks also to the collaboration
with Politecnico di Torino, NetStudent and Hipatia. Recordings of the
event are available on


and a transcript of Richard Stallman's speech is on


4. GNUvox, the voice of Free Software in Italy

Free Software Foundation Europe Chapter Italy has launched a project
to improve communication and information of Free Software in Italian.
The aim is to send the message "Free Software, Free Society" beyond the
borders of the Free Software community. The fist step of this project
is the blog GNUvox.info, the daily source of information about Free
Software in Italian.


5. Official FSFE statement on patent system in Europe

Ciaran O'Riordan drafted FSFE's response to the European Commission's
questionnaire "On the patent system in Europe" which has been delivered
and is now online:


The deadline for submitting responses has been extended to April 12th,
so FSFE encourages free software supporters to do so - possibly based on
FSFE's response.

6. Fellowship of FSFE participates to LUGConference 2006

LUGRoma organized one of the best community driven events of the past
years in Italy. The Fellowship of FSFE participated officially with
Stefano Maffulli. Many other Fellows where at the Conference, some of
them also as members of LUGs. The conference allowed meeting many people
of the community and listening to suggestions and criticisms.  There was
time to discuss the proposal of Austrian Fellow Stephan Peijnik (sp) for
an international meeting of Fellows and find volunteers for the
organization of the event.  Join the discussion on


More info, in Italian:



7. Karsten Gerloff at TACD conference

In Brussels, Karsten Gerloff represented FSFE at a conference about "The
politics and ideology of intellectual property". The event was organised
by TACD (Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue), a forum of 65 consumer
organisations from the EU and the US. For two days, researchers and
activists discussed the intellectual background of copyrights and
patents. Karsten established new contacts and strengthened FSF Europe's
connections to other NGOs working for Access to Knowledge alongside FSF

You can find a list of all FSF Europe newsletters on

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