[Wolves] MS tightens the screw

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 08:58:19 BST 2006

With Linux's added bling factor and the ever delayed Vista it is not
surprising that people aren't wanting pc's with xp on.  I had to
install it yesterday for a friend it looks quite old now in comparison
to Dapper.  That is part and parcel of the open development though,
vista will look amazing briefly but Linux will look better because as
usual it will take the current code base work on it until it out
blings vista and osxi (I guess they will call it).  Since the fork of
Xfree86 to X.org lets face the facts Linux has never had the
opportunity to out bling a gnat, now however Linux has just started
with what it can do and if Linux's programming and usability can be
match for speed of development then the likelihood is in 2 years we
can out bling the world.  It's at that point when people will turn to
linux.  When Vista looks like a Gran old and cute but Linux is looking
like the supermodel young and sexy.  You see people are shallow if it
looks better they want it they don't care how well it works, how many
pc's have started to make themselves look like mac's slim and elegant?

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