[Wolves] nice little server?

David Goodwin gingerdog at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 13:26:19 BST 2006

> > What do you think about this for a mini server?
> >
> > http://itx-warehouse.co.uk/Product.aspx?ProductID=340
> It won't have a serial console bios, so it's not a server. ;-)
> It's an appliance.

I don't know about that particular one, but I'd be very reluctant to
use mini-itx style PCs as servers, especially if packing one with a
hard disk. I've had great fun (!) in the past in trying to remove /
replace / add components to small cases, and it _can_ be a right pain.

If you can, get something a little larger, or designed to be a server,
where it's easy to take it apart and add components without the risk
of breaking those bobbly little things on the motherboard/harddisk


David Goodwin

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