[Wolves] Linux sys admin learning.

Andy Smith andy at lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 6 16:59:43 BST 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 04:40:16PM +0100, chris procter wrote:
> I was talking to a bunch of linux/unix sysadmins at a
> big company a few weeks ago, the subject of RHCE
> certification came up and they admited that they'ed
> all taken the exams and failed, because they knew
> nothing about apache,mysql etc. I expressed some
> surprise at this until they pointed out that their
> company has a highly trained e-commerce team to look
> after the web servers, a database team to look after
> the databases, a security team who deal in firewalls
> etc etc etc so if they ever need to do any of that
> they just call in the experts.

I agree completely for most of the items on the lists already been
posted.  For example, in the job before my current one I looked
afteer the infrastructure (servers).  Despite most solutions being
run on Oracle I rarely got involved with the install or day to day
mnaagement of Oracle as there was a team of DBAs to do that.
Conversely in my current job we use postgresql and have no DBAs as
such, so I am often needing to do a bit of poking around in there.

That's why I only specified perl (but accept that a language like
python or very very good shell knowledge would be equally good and
preferred by some) and shell as core competencies.

If you can install the OS, find & read manual pages and other
documentation, use google, and are competent in quick perl/shell
scripts to do the heavy lifting then that's at least 50% of being a
sysadmin IMHO.  :)

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