[Wolves] MS tightens the screw

Shane M. Coughlan shane at shaneland.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 20:15:07 BST 2006

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Peter Cannon wrote:
> Come on Shane lets talk turkey here, these advice Gurus and not about advice 
> at all! they are Monitors! You and I both know their remit will be to go 
> around the country/s computer system resellers to try and buy Linux machines 
> something along the lines of a mystery shopper.
> They'll then report back to HQ  who in turn will then ring the outlet
> "You sold an Ubuntu machine on such and such day if you continue we will have 
> no choice but to........"

I believe that Microsoft would like nothing better than to be able to
close people out of choosing alternative platforms.  However, I doubt
that they can legally get away with anything like that anymore,
especially in the European market.

> Dell and HP are probably in the fortunate position to temporarily hold off any 
> potential pressure by MS but I bet if push came to shove we both know the 
> outcome.

I think Dell are being exceptionally careful, but their move into Linux
(for the second time) is significant.  It really does present MS with a
challenge.  I'm not sure MS is in a position to cheat on this matter.
They would like to, and 'Trusted Computing' is a useful concept for
them, but I believe that emerging markets (China et al) are spelling a
lengthy commercial death to the overpriced single-OS world.


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