[Wolves] Soooooooo off-topic

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Fri Apr 7 10:17:43 BST 2006

Wasn't a great deal of problem getting a different O/S to run on the new Apple 
hardware connected to their use of EFI?

afaik Apple have effectively taken the route of not engineering their hardware 
to require you to only use OS/X.  They've said previously that they are not 
going to stop people from trying to run any other O/S, but then they're not 
going to go out of their way to help them either.

The fact theat someone published a way of getting XP running on the Mactels 
before Apple released 'bootcamp' can only be encouraging for Linux, since the 
Linux developers are more than used to 'flying blind' on new hardware with 
little or no driver support from manufacturers?

From an article I read recently Apple's bootcamp even provides the missing ATI 
drivers for Windows that the previous community developed solution was 

I'm very interested in how all of this is going to play out.  Since I'm 
looking to purchase an Apple MacBook and I want to be able to run Linux on it 
too.  The two distro's I'd consider using on it don't seem to have much about 
the new Apple hardware though (SuSe and Kubuntu) - but that may be down to me 
not looking in the right places (or hard enough?).  To be able to run Windows 
on it too is pure gravy and most welcome (DirectX games...)

What's holding me back from my purchase is a) some of the 'issues' that seem 
to be apparent with the new hardware and b) some of the chip revisions that 
are in the pipeline for the near future - merom later in the year and VT on 
the Duo in the few months.  There's also the 17" model that may be released.  
To that end are there any Mac sites that people recommend I subscribe 
too/regularly visit in this respect?

The fact that Microsoft appear to have taken the line that they aren't going 
to look at supporting EFI for anything but Vista and then only for 64bit 
chips would seem to be a damaging ploy at first sight - but given that 
someone in the community (and their competitor) seems to have done it for 
them it has apparently been a 'smart' move.

As usual all of this is written from my point of view only and I don't pretend 
to be an expert in any of these areas.  If I'm wrong in any of my assumptions 
or conclusions corrections are welcomed.

Pete Evans

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