[Wolves] A local community project

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 09:40:02 BST 2006

--- Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk> wrote:

> A local church I am involved with
> (http://www.learoadurc.org.uk) has had
> a donation of 4 reasonably recent PCs (1.4GHz
> Athlon, 20GB HDD, etc.)
> I am proposing to install ubuntu onto these machines
> and arrange some
> training in gnome/linux/openoffice.
> I am looking for volunteers to help with the setting
> up, migrating any
> data from the old systems, etc and the training
> sessions.

I'll help if I can. My primary availabilty is Saturday
afternoons and maybe Thursday evenings at a push.





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