[Wolves] List

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 16:45:25 BST 2006

Wolves LUG Meeting, 12 April 2006, 19:30:00
Spice Avenue, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton
Operation "How come the LUGMaster didn't book Jono
Bacon and Ted Haeger For WolvesLUG?"

1. Ron
2. Dave Moorrrrrlllllleeeeeyyyy
3. James
4. Shane (99% sure)
5. Simon (depending if i get cycle frame back from
powder coaters)
6. Ad - ambitious this week. I promise to do my best
not to fall alseep this time.
7. Aq.
8. Alex
9. Ade (The man, the legend)
10. Spline (The foot, the leg-end)

No Gos:

1. Jono (Sorry again folks, its been rather busy
recently. This time my excuse is that I am in Seattle,
at Redmond no less. Fear not, I am not losing the
 force, I am just heading over to take part in a
 Microsoft Summit as a representative of Open Source).

 2. Woo (probably)

1. Simon (something else bike, related wont bore with details)

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