[Wolves] quick update from lug meeting.

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 14:57:12 BST 2006

I have found out what the problem is with Ipcop and Smoothwall by
default you can not use the dns built into these firewalls for the
orange or dmz network.  This is for strictly for security reasons it
would be to easy to get onto the green network or at least work out
the green network ip address.

To remedy this problem get your red network info up and it gives you
your primary dns server ip number when installing (in my case Ubuntu
Server) you are asked for your ip config details.  Ip 192.168.2.x (for
example) as your network address, 255.255.255.x as your Mask,
192.168.2.x as your default gateway where x is the address you have
given your orange network on ipcop or smoothwall and then x.x.x.x as
your primary dns server this is the info you got off your red network.
 You now have a working dns and can update your server as required.

Also I found out what the problem was with my orange network not being
able to be got hold of it was a faulty network card in the ipcop

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