[Wolves] Broken computer

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 20 12:01:06 BST 2006


There is the computer shop in Willenhall town that
does free fault finding on pcs, of coures check with


--- Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:

> I have here a desktop computer that is broken. (You
> may remember me
> asking a while back about a machine that segfaulted
> repeatedly.) I'd
> like it fixed. Is anyone out there prepared to fix
> it for me? I don't
> know what's wrong with it (but I can give a
> description of symptoms).
> There's money involved, assuming it doesn't cost
> more than just buying
> an equivalent machine from Dell (in which case there
> would be money
> involved for your time in producing that quote). I
> could just take it
> to a shop, but I'm not sure that I trust any shop to
> (a) get it right
> and (b) know what Linux is...
> --
> sil
> <Cl0ckwork> i hate it when explorer crashes, losing
> my system tray,
> and irc is minized to it
> <slick> I hate when I kick a dog and then the owner
> see's me and I
> have to kill him
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