[Wolves] Databases - advice please

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Mon Apr 24 12:29:39 BST 2006

For some years we've used Access at school to hold the data about our 
students. We've not liked it, and mainly used it as a flat file for mail 

Recently I managed to get the data over to OpenOffice Base, but that has 
not been a great success. The trouble is that Base is soooo slow. It 
takes ages to scroll to the bottom of a list of students and there are 
only about 30 pieces of data (address lines, etc) on each student.

Is Base the right way to go? Or should I do something different. What I 
really think that we need is a database sitting on a server somewhere, 
which we interact with via a browser from wherever we want.

Does this show I know nothing about databases? Probably! But any advice 
would be appreciated.


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