[Wolves] OT: 1.8" flash HDD's

SimonB SimonB at geek-web.co.uk
Tue Apr 25 14:38:22 BST 2006

Ahh that’s how much the 32Gb flash is, I found it but couldn’t find the
price. I think you can get 8gb for about £150 to be honest im still
digging too. The i-plods nano and the later minis were flash but I want
something that wont break that easily lol.

Cheers a lot for your efforts mate, much appreciated.



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> biggest model with flash is 4gig  that seems to be about the norm. 
> Ones with sensing hds in which act in a similar manner to the laptops
> when being dropped are model numbers YH-J70 S=20gig L=30gig.  Failing
> that the 4 gig model is YP-Z5AS.  I am looking at other manufactures
> but it looks like a 32gig flash hd in a laptop is around $900.
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