[Wolves] advice on a skipping optical mouse

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Tue Apr 25 17:44:42 BST 2006

Bobby Singh wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a dell optical mouse.  I find sometimes the
> arrow skips across the screen.  I have noticed this on
> some other optical mice independent of OS.  Although
> not a major repeating problem, when it occurs it can
> be very irritating and can open up stuff and links.
> I know its works on all surfaces but is there a
> surface/colour it works best on? 
I've found a matt surface with a fine texture or surface detail in both 
dimensions is best.

Something (ironically) like a traditional mouse mat should work well.

My desk is wood-effect plastic. My mouse is fine up/down, which is 
across the grain, but left/right is plagued by the skips you describe.


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