[Wolves] New Member

Richard Spencer lists at fortnight1.plus.com
Tue Apr 25 20:07:33 BST 2006


I've just "joined the LUG" and am planning to be at tomorrows meet. 
Met a regular a couple of weeks ago and they're planning to be there 
too but thought I'd introduce myself here as well.

I'm 27, work for a utility company sitting in front of a PC all day, 
and have been a Debian user off and on for about 2 years since buying 
a ShuttleX just to run Linux. I don't have a Windows PC in the house 
since the W98 laptop finally died completely, but do have a collection 
of Acorns :-)

I'm interested in programming, intermediate level in C and trying to 
get into C++ (will finish BS's book RSN - only bought it in 2003...) 
I'm also interested in Linux generally and am somewhere around the 
"kernel-recompile" ability level. (Any hints as to how to get USB + 
mass-storage working with 2.6.8 on my system would be great!)

That's probably enough for now, see you all tomorrow!!



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