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Andy Smith andy at lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 13 00:25:00 GMT 2006

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 11:06:26PM +0000, Adam Sweet wrote:
> Ok, let's not all go crazy here.

After reading this I really have to agree, but fear it may just be
too late.

> First of all, we have learned by experience on this
> list that being awkward to someone who asks a
> well-intentioned question, albeit misguided in their
> approach, gets us nowhere.

I wasn't actually attempting to get anywhere.  Either he will get
his questions answered or he won't.

> Wolves LUG's approach is to encourage people to get
> involved with us and try to get them to shake off bad
> habits politely.

I think I was perfectly polite.

> Tearing people to pieces means they will fuck off and
> probably not come back.

Good job I didn't do that then.  Are you reading the same emails as

In some cases this has been
> good news (no, I'm not talking about Peter Cannon
> here!), but in many it's bad. Linux people have a bad
> rep for this sort of thing and this is why we take
> that approach here. We've been around this circle too
> many times.
> To put an end to this misery:

Misery!  How dramatic!  Gald I could be part of what promises to be
an epic.

> 1) Brendan, please don't post in HTML, most people see
> it as a hateful aberration and we are no different.
> Please don't do it.
> 2) Also please reply to the email you are referring
> to. It means that people on mailing lists can tell
> what you are on about without having to go and search
> to see what you were saying in the first place.
> 3) Before you do it, please don't top post, it makes
> emails impossible to read quickly.
> http://www.caliburn.nl/topposting.html explains why,
> even if you don't agree, it is etiquette.

Maybe various people making a massive controversy about this trivial
issue is doing more to make him bugger off than actually mend his ways
as regards the above.

> 4) Andy, there is no need to take this approach.

As far as I am concerned my approach is to be direct, and there is a
very real need to take it.

> Your point is correct, but your approach work sucks.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

> We appreciate you're presence here and I don't wish cause you to
> disappear, but lambasting first-time posters is a bad tradition.

I really find it funny that:

"Ah well, it was bad enough with the HTML, I'm not going to go
looking into other threads."

is considered lambasting.  I mean really, get over it.  I can only
assume that anyone who is emotionally scarred by that spends their
days alone in the house watching Deal or No Deal and hiding behind
the couch at the tense bits.

> Dave is only doing his job as LUG Master in trying to ensure a
> peaceful list.

Maybe he should stick to organising things instead of enforcing
vicars' tea party smalltalk.

> If the same mistakes are made repeatedly despite this
> discussion then by all means launch the missiles. If
> everyone recognises their faults in this thread, then
> maybe you, Andy, will stick around, Brendan will post
> again in plain text, in-thread, maybe answering
> somebody else's question and then we can all go back
> to helping one another out peacefully.

I think you have overestimated the importance of any individual's
actions in the above process, and said far too much about a matter
that would have otherwise been forgotten about within hours of

I think that some people really enjoy the chance to have a starring
role in the drama they create.

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