[Wolves] Howdy All

brendon lucas brendon at bungiesoft.zzn.com
Fri Dec 15 23:30:10 GMT 2006

Just to let you know (in plain text, lol :)
Got fed up of searching for the NIS issue, and thought i would go back
to SuSE for running our clients and NIS server, the only place i had
experince of using NIS.

Now i havn't used SuSE since 8.1pro, many moons ago, and i must say,
openSuSE 10.2 is pretty darn impressive, even impressed a hardcore
windows fanatic we have here, i'm not to sure about there KDE menu,
but overall i'm happy, got NIS up, TinaPOS working with no tinkering,
So sorry Fedora fans just too many nigly issues, that i don't have the
time for right now.

Anyway if i don't post before xmas have a good Christmas All.

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