[Wolves] Thunderbird text formatting tool bar

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi James

You were right. I held the shift key and then write I got the tool bar. So I need to chnage from HTML to plain text by the looks of it.

many thanks


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Hi folk

Anyone using Thunderbird? I don't seem to have the text formatting tool bar, i.e. I can't change fonts, underline or bold text. I have serached the Thunderbird knowledge base and FAQ no success. Any ideas or suggestions on to how I can get it to work?



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are you definatly trying to send email as HTML?? Holding down Shift while clicking Write will let you enter text the opposite way
to what is your default..
So, if your default is plain text, this will let you send a one off email as HTML or vice versa if your default is HTML.


Hi Again, I had a quick look and you can add toolbars from the View dropdown menu, in view >  toolbars > customize. Drag and drop the required menu item to where you want it, If the above is not the prob..



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