[Wolves] openzoep

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 00:34:19 GMT 2006

Andrew Lewis wrote:

>Hmmm... I'm not really into this VoIP mullarky - What do people think
>about OpenZoep then?
Never heard of it mate, but... good question! I'm slightly worried that
they wrote the Windows version first.

I used Skype then I heard it was a closed protocol and steals CPU time
to route other people's calls.

I used Gizmo because it uses SIP and then found that it wasn't free as
in speech. My daughters firewall doesn't like it. She is convinced by
the open protocol argument but she has Skype and doesn't care enough to
fix it; mainly because she has told lots of her friends about Gizmo and
they went and installed Skype instead.

I noticed that Mr. Aq was using GnomeMeeting but now uses Linphone and
sipgate.co.uk, I assume because it is truly free. I don't know if he
switched before GnomeMeeting moved to SIP and got renamed to Ekiga. I do
know that Linphone looks like a Motif app circa 1995. I don't want to go
back there.

I'm still using Gizmo, a non-free solution that uses an open protocol,
with the intention to move to a free replacement when something as good
and prettier comes along; knowing that I could jump ship at any time if
Gizmo behave badly. The important thing seems to be to not use Skype.

I await the opinions others with interest.


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