[Wolves] openzoep

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 22:18:44 GMT 2006

Stuart Langridge wrote:

>>I do know that Linphone looks like a Motif app circa 1995. I don't want to go
>>back there.
>I'm curious as to why you think it
>looks bad, though; from my perspective, a softphone needs three things
>in its UI: a place to enter who you're calling, a "dial this person"
>button, and an "answer this incoming call" button, and that's it.
>LinPhone has that, and it fits fine into the Gnome desktop and looks
>like all my other Gnome applications. (Don't trust screenshots of it.)
>What else should it have that it doesn't?
I only had a screen shot! http://www.linphone.org/?lang=us&rubrique=3

I was attacking it entirely on the basis of beauty not function. It 
looks like an old TCL/TK app.

I entirely agree that a VOIP client should do nothing more. That way, 
bloat lurks. (Though I'm willing to consider VOIP as video-conferencing 
without a picture)


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