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Postfix ftw!

Webmin = https://[serverip/name]:10000 by default


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On 9 Feb 2006, at 08:05, Re-LoaD wrote:

> baza wrote:
>> I want to set up and run a email server on the same Ubuntu box  
>> that is
>> home to my webserver. What is the best server program to use, and are
>> there any good gui based tools to configure it?
>> Baza
> Postfix I find very easy to configure.
> but each to there own (or in the case of many sendmail severs owned)
> not sure if webmin can admin postfix but I know it can admin  
> sendmail..
> try a few and find one your happy with...
> Re-

OK, i've installed webmin on my Ubuntu server box: <noob> how the  
smeg do I get at it with firefox? </noob>


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