[Wolves] Begging..sort of...

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Mon Feb 13 08:17:48 GMT 2006

Kevanf1 wrote:
> This is a sort of begging question.  Does anybody have any good (as in
> will pass the Memtest86 test) PC 133 memory sticks in a 256mb size? 
> Preferably CL 2.5 but CL 3 is acceptable.  I did buy a couple of
> sticks off eBay which turned out to be dead.  Then teh next two that
> the guy replaced them with were dead.  He had never heard of Memtest
> and just thought that because the RAM looked good it would be ok. 
> Apparently he has a box full :-(  all jumbled up together.  It then
> turns out that every other eBayer who is selling RAM also seems to
> have this 'looks good so it is good' mentality to RAM.  So, I'm after
> one stick of 256mb RAM but it has to be good and here's the good bit. 
> I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for it but would be forever in
> debt if it happened to be free :-))))
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far to new for me I think...... I do have some 32 pin sims :)

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