[Wolves] webmin

Baza baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 20:31:22 GMT 2006

On 14 Feb 2006, at 19:18, David Cockayne wrote:

> This maybe be a stupid suggestion, but you are going to localhost: 
> 10000 aren't you?
> Baza wrote:
>> Hi, has anyone got webmin working on Ubuntu (breezy)? If so, how  
>> did  you get it to accept the password and user you create with   
>> changepass.pl? I've set an admin user and password but I set  
>> can't  log in, even from localhost.

yeah, I sorted this yesterday. There was some stupid permission  
problems with /etc/webmin/ that I had to hack about with. But I've  
got it working now :)

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