[Wolves] SugarCRM & Microsoft

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Wed Feb 15 10:55:17 GMT 2006

Peter Cannon wrote:
> Hi All
> Just seen this on Beer and Speech
> http://beerandspeech.org/index.php?/archives/15-SugarCRM-to-be-licenced-under-Microsoft-Community-Licence.html

Mm, what a fantastic site!

> Great news as far as I'm concerned although is this what we really want?
> Everyone, including me, bangs on about getting Windows stuff to run on Linux
> yet here we have a situation of an Open Source application forging links 
> with
> the supposed opposition.

I think it is good - at the end of the day Microsoft have come up with a 
Free Software licence (more aligned to the Mozilla Public Licence than 
the GPL) so we shouldn't hold back on giving praise where it is due.

And the FSF seem to be happy with it

Of course Microsoft aren't going to start releasing their main products 
as Open Source as that is completely incompatible with their business 
model but if we want to see a world where open standards is the norm 
(and we have a level playing field) we shouldn't be too guarded when the 
occasional bit of good news comes out of MS.

> I just hope that it will not get sucked up into the behemoth that is MS.
> SugarCRM is a very good product and runs well on Windows machines I shall
> keep an eye on this one.

SugarCRM is a great application anyway - if we get more features and 
better integration with office suites (both OO.o and MS Office) out of 
this deal then that is good news. As long as it remains free - that is 
the big question.



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