[Wolves] Securing web traffic with an SSL proxy

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Fri Feb 17 20:33:02 GMT 2006

> > If I'm in a hostile environment like a conference, I'm loath to use my
> > stuff on the web because people could sniff passwords and whatnot.
> > (Assume these things are not HTTPS.) Would it be possible to set up an
> > HTTPS proxy which is itself password protected, and set that as the
> > proxy server on my browser, so that all my connections seamlessly go
> >
> > (me at conference) ------https(secure)--------> proxy
> > ------http(insecure)------->website
> >
> > and the connection between me and the proxy can't be sniffed?
> is http the protocol you can use ? if not just tunnel over ssh to your
> box on the out side or your own https proxy on the outside..  kinda type
> of fashion :)

The idea is to use my own https proxy on the outside, yes :) SSH is
out because, well, it's too hard to explain to people. Saying "just
add https://secureness.kryogenix.org as your proxy server in your
browser and that's it" is explainable, but I wanted to check that it
can actually be done like that :)


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