[Wolves] Securing web traffic with an SSL proxy

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You don't need anything fancy at all u can use ssh tunnelling! This will
encrypt and protect all of your web traffic to your box first.

Man ssh when you ssh to your box it is something like ssh
admin at box:1100:localhost:3128

First port is a port number to add to proxy address so anything unused
really, localhost is the box you are connecting to not your localhost if you
see what I mean then the port you want proxy through so inmy case 3128 my
actuall proxy server at home.

If you use putty on a windows client you can add the settings into the
tunnelling section!

Presuming u have squid running on the box you ssh to.  Then in web browser
add a proxy of local host port 1100

I use this all the time our work network only has 22 and 3128 open outbound!
So we need a proxy address at work to use the tinternet thus they monitor
all traffic out! But my way no monitoring nada!

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On 2/17/06, Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:
> If I'm in a hostile environment like a conference, I'm loath to use my
> stuff on the web because people could sniff passwords and whatnot.
> (Assume these things are not HTTPS.) Would it be possible to set up an
> HTTPS proxy which is itself password protected, and set that as the
> proxy server on my browser, so that all my connections seamlessly go
> (me at conference) ------https(secure)--------> proxy
> ------http(insecure)------->website
> and the connection between me and the proxy can't be sniffed?

I use a cgi proxy running on my box at school to a) bypass security
and b) secure the connection, this proxy seems to do the trick
http://www.jmarshall.com/tools/cgiproxy/ all it requires is mod_cgi,
perl and apache with ssl running.

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