[Wolves] New site!

David Cockayne dave at cockayne.net
Sun Feb 19 12:38:56 GMT 2006

Have you tried qarbon - viewlet builder for doing video tutorials?

there are windows and linux (java based) versions I have got the linux 
version working on ubuntu & suse 9.3 (not tried 10.0 yet). the program 
doesn't record to avi it allows you to take a series of screen shots 
which you later annotate it and record sound onto the project then saves 
the whole thing as a suprising small swf file. You can also add basic 
conditional branching and quizzes etc

If you do like it I may be able to wrangle a free copy for you in 
exchange for the viewlets you produce, I'll have to check the licence 
fineprint and confirm that thou.

David Morley wrote:

>Okay due to video and audio sinc problems it has not been possible to
>do a video tutorials as I had wished.  So I have had an alternate plan
>could someone please take a look at the links and general html code
>for the following site, it is not complete yet I know but it is still
>in heavy testing at the moment. 
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