[Wolves] FOSDEM: Brussels, Sat 25 - Sun 26 Feb 2006

Alan Pope alan.pope at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 08:14:03 GMT 2006

On 20/02/06, Matthew Walster <matthew at walster.org> wrote:
> You know, after reading this message carbon copied three times so far... I
> think I get the message... DO YOU????

Given the mailing list is now running on the new lug.org.uk box you
should be thankful that you got it at all, let alone 3 times :D  (I
got it more than 20 times, but that's my fault for being subscribed to
so many LUG mailing lists).

> On a more serious note, I'm going, anyone else?

Oh yes! mmmm Belgian beer... http://drool.popey.com/


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