[Wolves] help please can't switch between broadband ISP

Bobby Singh bs_wm at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 12:11:32 GMT 2006


I have had ntl freedom broadband which was a big
mistake.  The contract ended in Jan this year.  I
called 2 months ago in Dec to cancel my contract and
say i was going to another ISP.

Since expire date i have not been able to sign up to
tiscalli saying my line still had broadband by my
previous ISP.  I called ntl, they said that i don't. 
I called back tiscalli and cycle repeated.  I called
to complain to ntl last Tuesday on the 18th.  They
said my line would be ready this Saturday and that it
should have happened sooner and they had forgot to
remove an 'adsl tag'.  When i called 2 months ago they
did not give me a MAC number and can't give me one
Tried again on Saturday no result.  So called ntl
again and they said defiantly by next week (blaming BT
order time but i called 2 months and its been a month
since cancellation of contract).  This has happened
about 5 times and i think they are messing me about.

Having looked into this ntl should of had my adsl tag
removed in days not a month.  I called 2 months to
cancel and its been over month since cancellation.  I
can not get any broadband at all for over a month
putting me in a lot of bother and difficulty.

Is there anything i can do?  Have they broken any
consumer laws any compensation?.  I am sending of a
letter today and contact ofcom (they have not signed

Thank You


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