[Wolves] Htaaccess q

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Tue Feb 21 16:33:46 GMT 2006


Couple of questions:

I have a directory (actually an entire drive) protected by a htaccess 
file which works fine, but there is one subdirectory in it which I want 
to be open to all.
I've tried to put
<directory path/subdir>
order allow/deny
allow from all
 in httpd.conf, and I think the syntax is right (in my file if not 
above), but the directory still comes up as password protected, any idea 
way round this?

Secondly, using Vi, i've managed to turn all appearence of AllowOveride 
into white text on a yellow background, which is a bit yuck on the eyes!
Any idea how to get rid of the colourscheme!



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